The objectives

The SATELIT project will involve 22 partners from 6 countries of the Western Mediterranean: 12 Universities, 3 Ministries of Higher Education, 3 Chambers of Commerce and Industry, 2 Research Centres, 1 Local Community, 1 Association of Universities.

Its expanded objectives are:

  • The merging of Higher Education and the socio-economic world in the Maghreb.
  • The consolidation of the Triangle of Knowledge and Innovation.
  • The capacity reinforcement and exchange of good practices.
  • The increase of the employability of PhD students.

Its specific objectives are:

  • The creation of 24 centres with a high value-added methodology of Innovation and Technology and internships in universities and competitiveness centres.
  • The structuring of 6 pilot offices in the ecosystem of the innovation chain.
  • The exchange of good practices by new specialists trained with other Universities.
  • The support for the professionalization of PhD students.
  • The realization of universities-companies alliances.
  • The support of Entrepreneurship and Women's Entrepreneurship.
  • The promotion of the culture of innovation through the Constitution of a Euro-Mediterranean Education Innovation Centre.