Innovation and technology transfer are today a vital necessity whether for the university, businesses or society as a whole.

Our MOOC aims, through 6 weeks of training and 2 hours per week, to introduce you to the culture of innovation and technology transfer and does not require any prerequisites. You are all welcome!
Whether you are students, teacher-researchers, companies or if you simply want to enrich your knowledge, this course will allow you to discover the mechanisms of technology transfer in its entirety.
Researchers, this course will allow you to know the mechanisms of protection of your innovation, as well as the opportunities for the exploitation of your research work by licensing or by creating your own spin-off. Companies, this course is the opportunity to introduce you to the methods of strengthening your R&D departments with all the advantages offered by the academic world or research laboratories in order to guarantee your competitiveness.

This MOOC is a framed and unique adventure in the Maghreb! Indeed, this is the first time that a MOOC has brought together Moroccan, Tunisian and Algerian teachers. In addition to tackling the contemporary subject of innovation, this MOOC is also an innovation. It was designed through the European ERASMUS + "SATELIT" project funded by the European Union. You will be supervised by a team of highly qualified teacher-researchers who will provide you with support throughout the training by presenting courses, case studies, and conducting discussion forums.

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