Our BuTT

Total of € 191,140 was spent on the purchase of equipment. Each university in the South had € 31,900 to equip and allow the implementation of the planned activities of WP1 and WP2, ensure the sustainability of the project and allow the emergence of projects supported by the pilot transfer offices (BuTT) as well as for the creation and multiplication of MOOCs.

In Constantine, IT equipment is located at the pilot office at the Ahmed Hamani site in the north of the city. The audiovisual equipment is located in the audiovisual center located on the main campus of the UFMC. They were delivered between April and September 2018.

In Bejaia, IT equipment is used by the administrative and academic team of the pilot transfer office located on the Aboudaou campus of the UAMB. Other equipment (precision tower, 3D printer) is installed at the university's FabLab in order to strengthen it. They were delivered in January 2018.

In Sousse, equipment was distributed between the pilot technology transfer office located on rue Khalifa Karoui Sahloul, the training room and the videoconferencing room of the Uss. They were delivered in November 2017.

In Sfax, the equipment relating to the prototyping equipment is located at the university's FABLAB (Design modeling and printing of prototypes in 3D). Audiovisual equipment is located in the videoconferencing center also fitted out for the creation of the MOOC, They were delivered in August and September 2018.

In Fez, the equipment was installed in the transfer office integrated into the city of innovation of the USMBA (Campus Sciences and Technologies). They were installed in January and February 2018.